T.M.I. srl Special Network is an alliance of independent and non-exclusive, experienced, qualified forwarders who specialize in the handling of high value, AOG, ships spares in transit, spare parts, urgent or time sensitive shipments worldwide.

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Why choosing us?

Conventions and resources

Conventions for Roadside Assistance, Diesel, Toll management, VAT Refunds, Ferries, Insurance and much more.

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Partners in all the world

T.M.I. srl Special Network offers its members top-quality partners the world over.

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Blacklist of bad freight forwarders

List of high risk negative freight forwarders known to T.M.I. srl Special Network.

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Code of ethics

As a member of the T.M.I. srl Special Network, we expect all companies to abide by these business ethics and practices in all dealings with other T.M.I. srl Special Network members.

Our preferred partners

The T.M.I. Srl Special Network is pleased to announce our alliance with the following innovative, excellent companies.

Members available: 31 members in 22 countries

T.M.I. srl Special Network offers its members top-quality partners the world over. No matter where you need to send a shipment, you'll find the right agent
you can rely on. T.M.I. srl Special Network works tirelessly to identify the right partners for members.

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24 hours a day, 7 days a week

T.M.I. srl Special Network business depends on a 24/7 operation and it is vital that every member understands this. T.M.I. srl Special Network is a fast-changing environment and the industry needs to trust that the parts are there when they are needed.

T.M.I. srl Special Network requires the highest standards in all aspects of business and sets strict criteria regarding financial security, professionalism and quality which must be satisfied before new companies are admitted. All partners are required to adhere to a code of ethics which encourages high operational standards and conduct.

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