The T.M.I. Srl Special Network is pleased to announce our alliance with the following innovative, excellent companies.

The T.M.I. Srl Special Network Members enjoy a unparalleled advantage in the Transportation Industry with the utilization of these superior programs. We encourage all members to click on the links below to learn more about these companies and their excellent product offerings.


Real-time rates across the network for actual capacity and direct eBooking in minutes. Ready to see your business take off?
Save over one hour per day per team member on rate search and booking air cargo, and use it to close more deals instead. WebCargo Sky connects more than 10,000 forwarders to 30+ airlines for faster air cargo rate search and eBooking
Real-time air cargo pricing, capacity, and booking for TMISN members for 30+ carriers.

Cargo Insure Online

Cargo Insure Online is an online specialist cargo insurance system established in 2014 in Singapore to provide secure, instant and high quality cargo cover for goods owners and logistics providers, both domestically and globally, at very attractive rates

Provided by CHUBB INSURANCE, Cargo Insure Online reduces the time, effort and cost of obtaining cargo insurance by offering an online system that enables you to cover your goods or your customers goods, pay by Paypal, Credit Card or e-Waller online and obtain your documents instantly. This is all supported by our team of experts should you need it and also an online claims initiation system for your convenience.

Improve your efficiency – Dedicated personal service – Cargo is secured


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Techsimba Pvt Ltd

Welcome to our website design center and custom web application development services. Our Italian team of creative, web designer and developers work every day to create professional and innovative B2B and B2C web solution. Experts also in other areas, such as mobile applications development, digital strategy, user experience, advertising, social media, search engine optimization, content management systems, email marketing and up to all traditional print services, we can help you to improve your digital online presence. For more information about service and rate please send an email to :

Landing page for members only : Techsimba Pvt Ltd.

Coyne Airways

Coyne Airways provides reliable and secure air cargo services to some of the world’s most difficult to reach destinations. Since its establishment in 1994, Coyne Airways has pioneered routes to the Caucasus, Central Asia, Iraq, and Afghanistan, all destinations it still serves today. In 2012, Coyne spread its wings to Africa, working in conjunction with regional partners. Coyne Airways also offers charter and part-charter services to destinations where it can add value for customers. Coyne Airways prides itself on finding the best solutions for its customers and providing excellent service. Through its extensive interline network, Coyne is able to move cargo between virtually any global gateway and its network destinations on a single IATA air waybill. Coyne Airways is a neutral service provider with a proven track record for both the reliability and quality of its services and communications. For more information about service and rate please send an email to : Landing page for members only : Coyne Airways 

LC Larizza Consulting

T.M.I. Srl Special Network has partnered with the Insurance Broker “Larizza Consulting”, specialist broker for International Marine Cargo business, a facility which will allow to each member of the network to obtain special quotes for: – Cargo coverage on “All Risks” basis for shipment worldwide to worldwide – Marine Cargo Liability policies including Errors and Omissions risks – Other Insurance coverage on demand The Insurance service will be initially available for all the UE+Swiss members and for the rest of the world members this will be subject to the analysis of local Insurance rules/laws. LC website For more information please send an email to :  and  cc

Partners in all the world

Forwarders Debt Recovery Services (FDRS) is an independent company dedicated to assisting the freight forwarding community in collecting it debts from those who do not pay. Our services are offered to all companies involved in the freight forwarding community. We also maintain the most comprehensive industry standard warning list of non-payers which is highlighted in our monthly Newsletter that is sent to more than 55,000 freight forwarders and all major forwarder network associations. The list includes forwarders/shippers/consignees. Our work is strictly on a – No collection, No fee basis. We have legal representation in over 115 countries worldwide. Our Head Office is located in Hong Kong and our contact details and procedures are at our web site.

Members available: 34 members in 19 countries

T.M.I. srl Special Network offers its members top-quality partners the world over. No matter where you need to send a shipment, you'll find the right agent
you can rely on. T.M.I. srl Special Network works tirelessly to identify the right partners for members.

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T.M.I. srl Special Network business depends on a 24/7 operation and it is vital that every member understands this. T.M.I. srl Special Network is a fast-changing environment and the industry needs to trust that the parts are there when they are needed.

T.M.I. srl Special Network requires the highest standards in all aspects of business and sets strict criteria regarding financial security, professionalism and quality which must be satisfied before new companies are admitted. All partners are required to adhere to a code of ethics which encourages high operational standards and conduct.

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